All-new 2017 Honda CR-V compact SUV 1/3
Roomier with latest technologies and... a turbo

While the 10th generation Honda Civic was presented earlier this month at the 2016 Paris motor show, in the hatchback production version, Honda North America was unveiling on the other side of the Atlantic, the also all-new, 5th generation Honda CR-V compact SUV in Detroit, Michigan.

5th generation Honda CR-V compact SUV, view
All-new Honda CR-V: follows 4 million units sold of the previous 4 generations in the USA.

The connection is not only in timing. Both share the all-new modular platform, along with the next generation (10th) Honda Accord mid-size sedan.

Besides, the new CR-V's reveal couldn't have a better venue. Total sales of the first four CR-V generations made it the top-selling SUV in America over the past 20 years, with about 4 million units since 1997.

5th generation Honda CR-V compact SUV, profile view
Longer wheelbase: from 103.1 to 104.7in. (2.62m to 2.66m), giving better intorior space.

More than sharing structures, modulable dimensions, engines, transmissions, running gears, glass and wiring, today's common platforms cover particularly high-value technological communication systems between the car components, with driver and passengers, with the car's environment (road signs and markings, other vehicles... ) and the outside world (navigation, assistance, compatibility with third party devices).

5th generation Honda CR-V compact SUV, rear-side view
Hands-Free Access via a foot activated sensor under the rear (Touring version).
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This does not only mean that the two compact models (CR-V and Civic) are effectively benefitting from sharing technological content, at least to a certain extent, with a higher segment model, the forthcoming Accord. It also means that all of them will benefit from a larger technical pool from launch to the end of their life cycles (including service and maintenance).

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